Adelaide Hills Block Clean-Up Services
Jul 4, 2020

We provide quality block clean-up services including tree, stump and other vegetation removal for the most efficient preparation of plots of land for home-building or other construction works.

Whether you’ve just bought building land or are creating a subdivision, our block clearing service in the Adelaide Hills will create the perfect space to pave the way for a successful building project.

No job is too big or too small for our block clean-up experts, and many homeowners call on us when they need a site clearing to build a house extension or for a new pool, lawn, shed or driveway. We offer comprehensive commercial block clearing services as well.


Why Choose Tree Specialists to Clear Your Site?

A large part of land clearance in the Adelaide Hills typically centres on extraction of trees, and the best people to do the job are arborists with expertise in tree and stump removal.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services also has the specialist machinery and equipment necessary to provide the best block clean-up services. We can also provide mulching services to cut disposal costs and make your land a fertile area rich in nutrients.


Tree and Vegetation Clearing

Clearing trees and other vegetation from a plot of land is a big job that can be time consuming and fraught with difficulties if you don’t have the necessary skills, experience and tools.

Our block clearing tree and vegetation removal in the Adelaide Hills relieves you of the stress of site clearance and spares you the costly consequences that can arise if you get it wrong.

Clearing vegetation including shrubs, bushes and brush around the site of a future home can also play a major role in keeping you safe in the event of a bushfire.
Our professional tree and vegetation clearing process includes thorough site inspection to:

  • Identify potential problem areas that may require particular attention.
  • Determine the volume of trees and vegetation that needs to be cleared.

This enables us to establish the job timeframe and select equipment appropriate for the size of the project. This is crucial – poor planning can result in having to bring in more machinery, which escalates your budget.

Other factors we consider include the possibility of wet weather – will we need low ground-pressure mulching machinery to work on soggy terrain, for instance.
We specialise in removal of large trees, and our expertise in clearing trees in tricky locations is indispensable for smaller plots of land.

We provide our tree and vegetation clearing services with advanced equipment including hand-held tools, heavy machinery, lifting devices and rigging.

Stump Clearing

Removal of tree stumps is important to prevent soil movement caused by decaying organic matter, which could destabilise building foundations, particularly concrete slab sub-floors.

Stump clearing generally entails the use of heavy equipment like excavators, backhoes and Bobcats, and filling in and compacting the resulting holes to avoid future soil settlement.

Our stump removal specialists can give you the peace of mind that potential hazards like cutting into utility lines will be avoided, and you’ll be left with perfectly even ground to begin building work.

A less expensive alternative – when it’s been established that construction plans wouldn’t be affected – is stump grinding, ensuring the stump won’t re-shoot.
One word of warning if you’ve seen online DIY tips for fast stump removal – some are just ridiculous while others can be downright dangerous, such as chain sawing or burning, or ill-advised use of hazardous chemicals.


Mulching Services

As eco-friendly tree and vegetation removal consultants, we strive to give back to the land as much as we take from it.
For example, wood and bark from chipped trees and shrubs and sawdust from stump grinding can be used as mulch – a degradable biomass that restores nutrients to the soil on your site after it’s been cleared.
Mulching is an ideal solution to pave the way for garden space on your plot or to help with landscaping.
It enhances the soil by:

  • Helping fertilisation.
  • Preventing evaporation.
  • Conserving moisture so you save on watering,
  • Suppressing weeds.

Our mulching machines can efficiently recycle wood and other vegetation on site. This provides a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to other forms of more labour-intensive wood by-product disposal.

By eliminating the need for a large amount of haulage equipment, our mulching services also cut fuel costs and carbon emissions.

Our mulching machines can operate on steep slopes, in tight areas and in all types of weather, and the mulch we produce can simply be left on site to decompose into the ground to enrich the soil and promote new life, or it can be collected for use later.

Putting fresh wood chips into soil boosts nitrogen production – key for soil fertility to encourage healthy plant growth. Sawdust is particularly good as mulch for vegetables, fruit and flowers that like acidic soil, including onions, blueberries and hydrangeas.


Reasons to Choose our Adelaide Hills Block Clearing Services

Our Adelaide Hills block clearing services are backed by our reputation for professionalism and integrity, and a friendly, helpful attitude that reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Other benefits of our land clearance services include:

  • Expertise and experience in tree, stump and vegetation removal.
  • Mulching services that lower the costs of maintaining lawns, vegetable plots and flower beds around your future home.
  • Modern, reliable machinery and equipment in the hands of skilled operators.
  • Ability to clear land with limited access.

We Take Our Responsibilities Seriously

As responsible arborists, we avoid unnecessary removal of trees – those that won’t affect the construction process. And for each mature tree we cut down we plant 10 more – mainly native to the Adelaide Hills – across various sites to improve wildlife habitats, provide windbreaks, and improve erosion control and pollination.

We also pay meticulous attention to work, health and safety regulations. As a precaution in the unlikely event something goes wrong, we have $20m public liability insurance.
Contact us to find out more about how our block clearing service in the Adelaide Hills can get your building project off to the best possible start.

If you are requiring Stump Removal, or Tree Removal in Adelaide, contact us!