Tree and Stump Removal Services in Adelaide Hills
Jul 29, 2020

Dead or dying trees can endanger your property and your family as well as spoil the look of your yard. Leaving stumps in place also creates an eyesore that can be a safety hazard.
Adelaide Hills Tree Services provide fast, quality tree and stump removal services that solve these problems without damaging the surrounding area.

Benefits of our tree and stump removal solutions include:

  • Reclaiming your outside space – a safe area for you to relax and your kids to play, without getting hit by falling branches or tripping over stumps.
  • Enhancing the appearance of your yard.
  • Pest control – termites, for instance, love dead wood and may find their way into your home.

Our comprehensive Adelaide Hills arborist services include removal of:

  • Hazardous trees.
  • Trees in confined spaces.
  • Large trees and stumps.
  • Trees badly damaged by bushfire.
  • Trees severely damaged by storms.

Hazardous Tree Removal

A healthy tree adds a touch of natural beauty to your yard and a spot of welcoming shade, but an ailing tree could be a disaster waiting to happen, with branches suddenly falling for no apparent reason, damaging property or causing personal injury.

A decaying, unstable tree may also have grown dangerously close to utility services or structures, which may also be under threat from the tree’s roots.

Potential signs of tree decay or infection include:

  • Deep splits in the bark.
  • Foliage with reduced size, density or discolouration
  • Large dead branches at the top of the tree.
  • The trunk starts to hollow out.
  • The tree suddenly leans to one side.
  • Appearance of fungi.

These symptoms don’t necessarily mean your tree needs felling. In some cases, it may be possible to rectify the problem by pruning or disease control. But when options like these won’t work, removal is typically the only solution for a hazardous tree.

As passionate arborists, we love trees and appreciate it’s distressing to see an established, once attractive feature of your yard disappear, but sometimes removal may be the necessary last resort to put your tree out of its misery and ensure the safety of your family and visitors, and make space for a new tree.


Tight Access Tree Removal

Some trees are more difficult to remove than others because of difficult locations. These additional challenges are met by the specialist skills and equipment of Adelaide Hills Tree Services.

We have the best apparatus – including hand-held equipment, lifting devices and rigging – to remove trees where access is tricky, and we’re experienced in accessing confined spaces to safely work on trees in locations such as:

  • Near your house.
  • Next to a pool with limited access.
  • Near garages or garden sheds.
  • Near walls.
  • Areas with narrow access like just a small garden gate.

We can work in tight areas with loose, slippery or uneven terrain, and without damaging adjacent garden beds, lawns, paving or structures like patios.

Our expertise in removing trees where access is limited avoids problems such as:

  • Having to take down fencing.
  • Trampling across gardens with heavy machinery.
  • Needing permission to go onto a neighbour’s property.

We take the utmost precautions when removing a tree from a tight space, including low-impact tree removal techniques to avoid damage to nearby areas.

Large Tree and Stump Removal

Unsurprisingly, removal of large trees and stumps costs more than standard removals.

Bigger trees mean more branches to remove and more trips on the ground to dispose of wood and leaf litter.

The type of large tree also affects removal pricing. Take the Eucalyptus globulus – Tasmanian Blue Gum for instance – considered an invasive species in Adelaide Hills bushland. Wood from this tree is particularly heavy and takes longer to both remove and process.

Removing a large tree stump is also more costly, but without specialised equipment like a stump grinder is a daunting prospect for even the most enthusiastic DIY-er. Grinding out the stump ensures it won’t re-shoot and leaves the ground even with no sign the stump was ever there.

We strive to keep our large tree removal and stump grinding in Adelaide Hills as affordable as possible. Our expertise and experience allow us to work fast without compromising safety – which means lower labour costs.


Bushfire Hazard Removal

Bushfires in the Adelaide Hills wreak havoc and put lives in jeopardy. They also leave many trees severely damaged. Many of these trees will recover but others need felling to protect people and property.

We offer advice on whether a tree can be saved and the best way to do it, and in cases of the most serious damage we can safely remove the tree.

Local and State Governments make a point of identifying dangerous roadside trees after a bushfire, and it’s advisable to have trees on your property assessed by professional arborists as well.

It’s not always straightforward to determine if a burnt or scorched tree has lost its structural integrity and become dangerous. Factors we take into account include:

  • The likelihood of the tree or a portion of it falling.
  • The possibility of significant damage or injury.

DIY Vs Professional Tree and Stump Removal

Tree and stump removal can be complex and dangerous for amateurs.
If a tree has started to decay it’s already unstable, which makes it hard to control where it will land when felled. Branches may also have rotted although still appearing healthy, and this can result in them collapsing beneath you or falling in an unintended direction when removed.

There’s also more to removing a tree stump than you may realise. One problem is underground utilities – such as water pipes, gas lines and electrical cables – which can cause floods or fires if damaged. And if you want to extract the roots, you’ll find they can extend extensively below ground, even with small trees.

You may be tempted to have a go at tree or stump removal yourself in the hope of saving a few dollars, but it may work out far more costly than you anticipated when you need to call in a professional after all to get the job done right. Hiring a pro in the first place to remove your tree or tree stump will save you a lot of time and avoid the risk of injury.

Why Choose Our Adelaide Hills Tree and Stump Removal Services?

Our solutions for stump and tree removal in the Adelaide Hills and surrounding areas entail a meticulously planned process to fell trees safely, and we have the right tools for the job –advanced rigging systems, climbers and specialised machinery. 

We provide cost-effective tree and stump removal services that avoid the time-consuming intensive labour of a DIY job.

Our solid reputation has been built on qualities such as:

  • Professionalism – friendly service backed by customer commitment.
  • Reliability – available 24/7 for tree emergencies.
  • Integrity – we’re proud of our reputation, built on honesty and transparency.
  • Experience – we’ve been removing problem trees and stumps in the Adelaide Hills for more than seven years.
  • Expertise – skilled arborists using the best equipment.
  • Flexibility – no job too big or too small.
  • Safety – rigorous compliance with work, health and safety regulations.
  • Responsibility – overall, we plant 10 trees for every mature tree we remove.
  • Full clean-up service.
  • Public liability insurance – in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

Contact us to find out more about how our Adelaide Hills tree and stump removal services can make your yard look good again and ensure it’s functional and safe. We also do tree and stump removals if you need to clear a plot of land, and we work on commercial spaces too.