Tree Removal in the Adelaide Hills
Jul 1, 2022

Have you recently bought a plot of land in the hills of Adelaide and are in need of tree removal and other related services? Or are you only looking to revamp your property by giving your trees a decent prune or trim? If these circumstances apply to you, then you have come to the right place.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services is a tree removal company that specializes in a variety of related services as well. Since the very start of our firm, we have been diligently working to bring the best removal and pruning services for all our customers, taking on one challenging project after another.

This article will elaborate on the various services we provide at Adelaide Hills Tree Services and show why we are the best in the business. The information provided here will guide residents of Adelaide Hills on what to expect from us, as well as the philosophy that guides our work ethic.
So without further delays, here are the services provided by Adelaide Hills Tree Services to the people of Adelaide Hills, South Australia.


Our Services

To all our clients, we offer multiple clearing and trimming services to choose from, depending on their requirements. Each service is provided by professionally trained and seasoned employees that have dedicated themselves to making your spaces functional, safe and appealing for users.

Tree and Stump Removal

If you require having a tree removed safely from your premises without causing damage to its surroundings, our services are here for you. The process involves the use of equipment such as climbers and rigging systems, among others to extract trees from congested areas.

Similarly, we also clear out any unwanted stumps from their roots so that they do not grow again. Stumps can sometimes be a hazard as well as unsightly to have, therefore removing them for good is perhaps the best solution for all of our clients.

Pruning, Trimming and Mulching 

Instead of removal, if you only wish to adjust the size and shape of your trees, plants and hedges, services like pruning and trimming. Not only do both these services make for an aesthetically pleasing sight of greenery, but they can also be quite beneficial and at times necessary for the health of the plant in question.

In addition to this, we also revitalise the soil with nutrients by providing our clients with mulch. This too, can be a useful technique in ensuring the longevity of your plants.

Clean Ups And Environmental Conservation 

For those of our clients that require a clear space, be it for a building project, an event or otherwise, we offer them our block clean-ups. However, we realize that manipulating wildlife in such permanent manners can dramatically impact the environment.

Therefore, for each tree that we cut down, we plant ten in its stead in the Adelaide Hills. We plant various kinds of trees that are otherwise also found in Adelaide, to curb soil erosion and depletion, as well as encourage pollination and revitalisation of the atmosphere.

Why Choose Us? 

At Adelaide Hills Tree Services, we continuously strive for excellence in our services and delivery because we take pride in being able to serve the homeowners and residents of Adelaide. And our commitment to our customers’ desires pushes us to provide better services than our contemporaries.

For nearly a decade we have been working tirelessly to ensure the satisfaction of all our clients. Our time in the industry is a testament to our tenacity, which has brought us the fame and success we have today. As opposed to newcomers in the industry who lack the experience, we will adapt and execute swiftly.

We are also concerned with the welfare and security of our customers’ properties. Given the nature of the business, accidents are common and sometimes unforeseeable. Therefore, we at Adelaide Hills Tree Services have invested in a wide variety of liability insurances.
Furthermore, we have in our employ our arborists who know how to deal with the greenery on your land expertly. They are all trained to rigorously adhere to Australian Standards in terms of work, health and safety regulations.

Our insistence is also on acquiring the best tools for the job. This includes investing capital in modern equipment that not only makes the overall experience for both our clients and employees safer but also efficient, as the prices for services are customer-friendly as well.
And lastly, Adelaide Hills Tree Services is thrilled to able to offer its services to a diverse customer base, i.e. residential spaces, commercial spaces, etc. This makes us versatile and adds to our confidence in delivering our services.


What Do Our Clients Have To Say About Us?

Most of our client base has been established through referrals, which instils a lot of confidence in our skills. Our services go “above and beyond,” as reported by one of our clients, Mr Brad James.

We are also great at being speedy and efficient as well as being tidy, says another client Tracey Spokes. Another great review we received from Luke Castine states that he would recommend us for any such jobs.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services offers you experience that you can have faith in. We are all professionals that have dedicated years of service to caring for and managing trees, stumps, hedges and other greenery to ensure it looks and feels great.
Our services are also available 24/7 in case of emergencies. So if you are in need of experts to deal with a backyard tree problem, give the team from Adelaide Hills Tree Services a call.

If you are requiring Stump Removal, or Tree Removal in Adelaide, contact us!