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Jul 2, 2022

At Adelaide Hills Tree Services, we provide you the kind of service that you deserve:

  • Professional, safe, and affordable services
  • Experienced arborists will handle your projects based on your needs.
  • Our workforce is fully-insured, highly-trained, prompt, friendly and reliable.
  • Excellent workmanship is the foundation of our success. 

Adelaide Hills Tree Services also provides a range of professional tree removal and arborist services to Adelaide residents, corporate clients and government agencies.

We use the latest technology and tools approved by authorities and we will perform the job you require in accordance with Australian Standards and legislation set by the government.


Tree Removal

Tree removal specialists from Adelaide Hills Tree Services will assess the condition of the tree. Tree removal or tree felling is carried out as the last resort after it has been established that bracing or pruning will not be an effective option.

After planning the best way to remove the tree, we will proceed to remove it, while we will also make sure that as we perform the task, we will not cause any undue damage to the surrounding property, to your fence or to your beautiful gardens.

Appropriate techniques will be used to ensure safe removal, which include rigging systems, climbers and machineries. Our technicians will use the appropriate system, depending on the condition of the tree and your requirements.


Tree pruning is a good idea to regain control of overgrown trees, as they may be spoiling the view from your window. It may look easy to do the pruning yourself, but there are techniques to pruning that you don’t know that professionals do.

For example, to obtain the ideal cut, you choose a healthy branch union to cut, but that growth point should be one that points in the direction where you want growth to take place. Usually, the direction is away from the centre of the plant.

There are many types of pruning dependent on the desired outcome. Formative pruning is performed on young trees to encourage them to grow into the desired form. Crown lifting and selective pruning are often done to keep trees clear of buildings, foot paths and driveways. Maintenance pruning is performed on mature trees to ensure the aesthetics, health and structure of the tree is upheld by shaping, removal of dead, damaged or diseased branches. Reduction pruning is performed to manage the size of trees and ensure the branches don’t get too heavy. There are many other types of pruning depending on the specific requirements of the site, but these are some of the common options.

To learn more of these techniques, feel free to contact our experts who will gladly help you with the basic ones. So, when we’re done with our service at your home, you may have enough confidence to try pruning your trees on your own when the need for the next pruning comes.


Hedge Trimming

Perfectly shaped hedges can increase the visual appeal of your property. If you have a rowdy hedge in your garden that requires trimming, it’s time to call our specialists in.

We’ll show you how to properly put that unruly part of your front yard under your control and enhance overall aesthetics provided by your hedge.

First, it’s best to trim wider at the base than the tip. This will help give light to all the shrubs that are parts of the hedge.

For better accuracy and easier workload, use a two stroke or electric-powered trimmer for hedges longer than 5m. For larger branches, use pruners, and for lower hedges, we recommend using shears.

Adelaide Hills Tree Services is well-equipped to deal with hedges of different sizes. We can also do hedge reduction and removal services at very affordable prices.


Stump Removal

If you are calling us for a stump that has been left after cutting the main tree, we will help you remove the stump completely. We will use advanced stump grinding techniques for this job.

Ideally, we will use a machine called a stump grinder, which we will use to mechanically grind out the main root plate. However, the process will produce fine mulch that will fall to the ground. Stump grinding may not remove all the roots underneath, but those left are expected to rot down over time.

We will ask you how deep you would like the stump ground to be. For laying turf, shallow grinding is recommended. For landscaping, you should consider deeper grinding.

If you are building on the area where the stump is located, your builder may request the stump is dug out to ensure the whole stump and majority of roots are removed. We can do this efficiently with the use of an excavator and then remove the stumps from site.

There are hazards associated with the mulch produced in the process. Our specialists who are also knowledgeable about the risks can help you decide what to do with these small wooden particles.


We are also experts in turning trees and brush piles into recycled mulch. Our whole tree wood chippers can handle branches and trees measuring up to 40 cm in diameter.

Consider mulching as a way to reduce your garden maintenance expense and also to help the environment.

Mulching can help:

  • Prevent water loss from the soil. This reduces the amount of water you use for watering.
  • Encourage propagation of worms and other beneficial soil organisms.
  • Slow weed growth. You will cut time spent in garden weeding significantly.
  • Reduce your fertilizer expense.
  • Insulate plants from heat in the summer and cold temperatures of winter.
  • Prevent erosion and compaction of the soil.

If this is the first time for you to try tree mulching, let our experts guide you. As with other things, too much mulching may bring more harm than good. Our experts will teach the right way it should be done.


Block Clean-Up

Whether you need to level a yard for a new house, or preparing concrete, or looking at a demolition job for a future project, Adelaide Hills Tree Services can help you plan and execute whatever future structure you have in mind.

All overgrown vegetation and all tree stumps will be dealt with accordingly in a fast manner. We want you to see how much actual space is available for your planned projects, so we will work as fast as we can, and deliver the results to you in no time.

No job is too small or too big for us. Whether it is a property intended to be used for a couple of houses or just need the vegetation cleared to be landscaped, we’re up to the job, and will do it nicely and quickly.


Pest Control

Adelaide Hills Tree Service also has a team of pest control experts who can help detect if your trees are under attack by pests or bugs. For this type of problem, the method we use to solve it is tree spraying. This is our way to help you quickly get rid of fungal infections and insect infestations in your trees.

You may be tempted to do a DIY for this, but when you do so, be sure about the actual problem your trees are experiencing. Right identification of the underlying cause is key to achieving immediate relief for your trees. For example, evergreen trees are susceptible to developing fungal infections, while crab apple trees are prone to developing tree scab.


We are fully insured…

We know the importance of offering full protection to our clients. Over years of dealing with numerous customers with different needs, we’ve learned that accidents do happen at a time when you least expect it, and even at times when you have done everything you can do to keep it from happening.

To make sure you’re fully protected, a $20m-worth of public liability insurance has been put in place by Adelaide Hills Tree Services. Your property and valuables are protected and all the members of your household as well.

If you are requiring Stump Removal, or Tree Removal in Adelaide, contact us!

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