Tree Stump Removal in Adelaide Hills
Jun 1, 2020

After cutting down a tree, what remains is known as the tree stump. While a lot of people burn down the tree stumps at their place of cutting, it is recommended that you remove them instead. The removal might sound easy, but it is a demanding task, and it is risky to do it. Tree stump removal using the usual garden tools that every other farmer has or a household store comprises of can be a very difficult job.

However, we are here to help you in removing the tree stumps in the most professional way possible, leaving your ground levelled as if there was no stump there.


Why Should I Remove that Tree Stump in My Yard?

As much as it is advisable to remove that tree stump in your lawn, there are benefits and demerits of tree stump removal. You must take into consideration the aesthetics of your homestead, the affected flora already there, and the safety of your family. Below are reasons why you need tree stumps removal or tree stump grinding depending on the method you choose:

  • For the protection of your home from tree roots, which spread in the whole yard and especially towards water sources, for instance, towards a septic tank or sewerage catchment area. These roots can lead to damaging of water pipe. This is the reason why tree stump removal would be recommended over tree stump grinding to ensure that the roots do not regrow.
  • Tree stump removal is essential as it keeps your lawn away from decay and pests and diseases. Over the past years have been known to spread decay and bring forth unwanted species into your yard and pests such as termites, carpenter ants and wood-boring insects which grow on tree stumps
  • For a better-looking lawn. Tree stump removal helps in making your lawn look unattractive and can also be quite difficult to mow your lawn with the presence of tree stumps. Even the heavy lawnmowers manoeuvring in an area covered with tree stumps may not do its work of cutting grass perfectly. It is also possible that stumps may cause accidents in the yard, for instance, damaging the mower if you bump into it accidentally. Tree stumps can also cause children accidents as they play around the yard, and that’s why you need them removed.
  • Protect your lawn from looking unpleasant with tree stumps sprouting and new small trees shooting from the stump.

With all the above reasons why you need to remove tree stumps and how beneficial they are, you also need to note that tree stump removal is a process that requires experts and a lot more attention than one may think. For instance, the equipment you use requires skilled persons for effective use and permanent results in your yard.

Take an example of a tree stump removal technique where you are required to pull out the stump completely from the ground by use of heavy machines which require high power.

Are you thinking of removing that stump in your yard? The first step is choosing the appropriate technique to use for the activity. There are two main ways, which are tree stump removal (removing the whole stump from the ground with the roots) or tree stump grinding, where you use a stump grinder that shreds the stump without removing the root.
The second and most important step is hiring professional services to carry out the whole process.


Why Should I Hire A Professional?

Trees are grown for many reasons in our homestead like providing shade, among many other reasons. For a shade-providing trees, the size of the stump is generally bigger in terms of diameter, unlike some of the other trees say, for instance, for landscaping. These trees in your homestead can cause hazards, especially if left to grow too big without trimming due to branch breakages damaging your property or that of the neighbours. Therefore, from time to time, trees around your homestead require trimming and pruning of the excess branches.

For these reasons, when a tree grows old or dies, you need a professional or professional service to remove it from your property without posing any danger to the rest of the trees and homestead property. Below are some benefits you get when you hire experts for tree removal:

  • Experience and deep knowledge about trees and their maintenance— professional arborists will ensure that the tree is removed in a professional way and by use of the right equipment. This includes being in full control to ensure that no property is damaged or risk put on your family’s life. There are no manual guides to removing tree stumps effectively and therefore save yourself the hassle and hire a professional. It requires both art and science knowledge to excavate trees carefully.
  • Proper equipment— you need the right machines to be able to remove a tree stump successfully. These include heavy machines that also need careful handling and skills to use. Hiring professional arborists will save you the costs of purchasing such and also do the removal completely with the proper equipment.
  • Professionals have a quick response in case of emergency— most of the professional companies. For instance, Adelaide hills tree services offer a quick response to emergencies. This service should be done by a local company to save on time. This is done at a call, regardless of whether you are home or at work.
  • Cost factor— the cost of doing-it-yourself is more than that of hiring professionals to remove your tree stumps. For instance, having to purchase the necessary equipment such as chain saw is expensive; instead, hire a professional for exemplary service. After all, tree removal is not a daily thing.
  • Liability offload— it is usually imposing a risk to any activity surrounding tree maintenance, and therefore, you need an insured workforce to do the tree stump grinding or removal. This is fully covered by most companies that have insured workers dealing with tree services. Make sure that the company you hire has insurance in case of anything and for safe operations.

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